Improving and verifying ecological restoration outcomes: Recently published EPA guidance

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Judith Schofield, Louis Blume, Molly Middlebrook Amos, Craig Palmer, Brick Fevold, Elizabeth Benjamin, and Tim Lewis

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Ecological restoration practitioners face unique challenges associated with controlling and documenting the quality of ecological monitoring data that are used to 1) define pre-restoration conditions, 2) implement restoration activities correctly, and 3) assess post-restoration success. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Interagency Ecological Restoration Quality Committee are pleased to announce the recent publication of the Application of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Principles to Ecological Restoration Project Monitoring (EPA-905-K19-001, April 2019) to address these unique challenges and improve project outcomes. This guidance is intended to assist ecological restoration practitioners with developing and implementing effective QA/QC strategies. If designed and implemented properly, these QA/QC strategies can improve the quality of the data collected, increase the certainty of project decision making, and ultimately save time and money. This document provides guidance on how to 1) apply basic QA/QC concepts, 2) establish quality goals and objectives, 3) implement QA/QC practices to achieve quality objectives, 4) monitor the quality of data collection activities, 5) verify and validate the quality of data collected, 6) incorporate quality management principles into data analysis and reporting activities, 7) apply adaptive management approaches, and 8) implement best practices for information management. This presentation will provide an overview of the guidance document and introduce key concepts to control and document the quality of ecological monitoring data to support sound decisions.

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Conference Presentation, SER2021

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