Integrated Constructed Wetlands: Guidance Document for Farmyard Soiled Water and Domestic Wastewater

Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government

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This Guidance Document is prepared for the application of the ‘Integrated Constructed Wetland’ (ICW) concept in the management of point sources of farmyard soiled water and domestic wastewater. The purpose of this Guidance Document is to provide comprehensive guidance for the assessment, design and construction of ICW systems. This document parallels a similar manual for Scotland and Northern Ireland and existing guidelines for Finland. The steps are outlined, ranging from assessing the appropriateness of an ICW in the first instance, to its design, installation and the monitoring process. This involves several decisions at each stage of the assessment and development process. The experience and results, upon which this document is based, indicate that an effective, robust and sustainable ICW can be established in a range of suitable locations. There will, however, be variations in design and construction reflecting the site’s location and its specific characteristics.

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Technical Document

Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Ireland)