Integrating Forest Protection, Management and Restoration at a Landscape Scale

Aldrich, M., A. Belokurov, J. Bowling, N. Dudley, C. Elliott, L. Higgins-Zogib, J. Hurd, L. Lacerda, S. Mansourian, T. McShane, D. Pollard, J. Sayer and K. Schuyt

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Protected areas, good forest management and forest landscape restoration address different aspects of forest conservation and development, but they interact in the field. The paper describes steps needed to integrate the three into a coherent approach at landscape level. The proposed approach also addresses some of the key questions that emerge during a transition from site-based to ecoregional conservation, which need to be answered on a case-by-case basis, such as: “is it better for biodiversity to have a few large strictly protected areas surrounded by generally incompatible land-uses or smaller protected areas embedded in a sea of supportive land uses?”

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Technical Document

World Wildlife Fund