Integrating plant-and animal-based perspectives for more effective restoration of biodiversity

McAlpine, C., C.P. Catterall, R. Mac Nally, D. Lindenmayer, J.L. Reid, K.D. Holl, A.F. Bennett, R.K. Runting, K. Wilson, R.J. Hobbs, L. Seabrook, S. Cunningham, A. Moilanen, M. Maron, L. Shoo, I. Lunt, P. Vesk, L. Rumpff, T.G. Martin, J. Thomson and H. Possingham

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Ecological restoration of modified and degraded landscapes is an important challenge for the 21st century, with potential for major gains in the recovery of biodiversity. However, there is a general lack of agreement between plant- and animal-based approaches to restoration, both in theory and practice. Here, we review these approaches, identify limitations from failing to effectively integrate their different perspectives, and suggest ways to improve outcomes for biodiversity recovery in agricultural landscapes.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment