International Standards for Native Seeds in Ecological Restoration

Simone Pedrini Kingsley W. Dixon Adam T. Cross (editors)

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Restoration practitioners must increasingly incorporate seed procurement models and seed use planning early in project development, despite insufficient guidance about what are reasonable expectations for the sourcing and use of native seeds. This open access issue of Restoration Ecology presents a series of articles examining each key step in the native seed supply chain, and provides a framework for the “standards” that need to be applied to native seed batches if the native seed supply chain is to achieve the levels of reliability and transparency required. These Standards provide seed buyers, end users, and funding bodies with a level of confidence and reliability in the sourcing of quality native seeds, and a pathway toward global best practice in native seed use. Articles focus on: Seed planning, sourcing and procurement Collection and procurement of native seeds Ensuring seed quality Seed storage Dormancy and germination Seed enhancement Seed use in the field International principles and standards for the use of native seeds

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  • C1: Identify appropriate measures for conducting ecosystem restoration

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Peer-reviewed Article

SER International Network for Seed Based Restoration (INSR)