ITTO Guidelines for the Restoration, Management and Rehabilitation of Degraded and Secondary Tropical Forests

International Tropical Timber Organization

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These guidelines provide a powerful introduction to the issues confronting the policy-makers, forest practitioners, extension workers and others who want to restore and manage degraded or secondary forests. They stress that the policy, legal and social conditions in and outside the forest must be analyzed and addressed before restoration, management and rehabilitation activities are decided on. They point out that many people have a stake in the forest and any restoration, management or rehabilitation efforts must be made with their full participation. Land tenure issues must be resolved, and transparent mechanisms for sorting out conflicts over property and access rights must be established. Silvicultural techniques that can be understood and implemented by owners of small areas of forest need to be developed.

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  • C4: Develop explicit implementation tasks, schedules, and budgets

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White Paper

International Tropical Timber Organization