Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration in a [Marine] Area

Zagas, T., T. Tsitsoni, P. Ganatsas, M. Tsakaldimi, T. Skotidakis and D. Zagas

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This study proposes the forestry as the future land use of the mining area because this concentrates the most advantages and this was the previous land use of the area (degraded forest land, used for animals grazing and firewood production). According to the results of the soil analysis, the soil as well as the topsoil of the study area is very poor in nutrients, with low content of clay and medium organic matter and very alkaline. This study proposes that the minimum depth of topsoil, which will be used for spoils covering, must be over 40 cm in order to support effectively the established species. Also, the topsoil should be enriched with organic matter (2% at least) and with the appropriate fertilizers in order to improve soil fertility and reduce alkalinity. Since the deposition peals are visible from a long distance due to the relief change and the colour contrast, the principles of landscape architecture must be applied for the ecological restoration of the disturbed land according to the visual characteristics of the landscape of the wider area.

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Peer-reviewed Article

International Journal of Environmental Research