Land Restoration to Combat Desertification: Innovative Approaches, Quality Control and Project Evaluation

Bautista, S., J. Aronson and V.R. Vallejo (eds.)

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This book addresses key issues in land restoration that emerge from restoration science and practice in the Mediterranean Basin. On the grounds of the long-standing and well-developed afforestation experience in Mediterranean countries, we shall suggest ways to incorporate lessons learned from past experiences into new restoration approaches, to face new and old threats, and new challenges and opportunities, using new and not-so-new approaches and techniques. The first part of the book deals with missing elements in the restoration practice that are critical steps for rationalizing the incorporation of restoration activities in the economy, namely quality control, monitoring and evaluation. The second part tackles specific, innovative developments of restoration techniques. These include plant selection of species and provenances, and nursery and field techniques to overcome water stress as the major limitation in drylands – now and in the perspective of projected climate change.

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Technical Document

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