Landscape Restoration after Oil Sands Mining: Conceptual Design and Hydrological Modeling for Fen Reconstruction

Price, J.S., R.G. McLaren and D.L. Rudolph

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This study proposes a conceptual model to replace fen systems with fen peat materials supported by groundwater inflow from a constructed watershed. A numerical model is used to determine the optimum system geometry, including the ratio of upland to fen area, thickness and slope of sand materials, and thickness of peat and of the liner that would result in flows that sustain peat wetness to a critical threshold soil water pressure of 100 cm of water at a peat depth of 10 cm. We also test the sensitivity of the system to variations in the value and spatial configuration of the hydraulic conductivity (K) of locally available materials.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Reclamation and the Environment