Learning with Nature: A Sand Dune System Case Study

Schreck Reis, C., J. Antunes do Carmo and H. Freitas

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In 2005, after balancing several alternatives, the Leirosa sand dunes were reconstructed with layers of geotextiles filled with sand. Once the sand containers were in place, this protective barrier was covered with sand and planted with A. arenaria, turning this area into an attractive and safe coastal dune system. In March 2006, some problems occurred, probably caused by poor sealing of the geotextiles layers, which led to parts of the three bottom layers breaking open. To stabilize and reinforce the sand dune in this specific weakened area, we are currently analysing the use of geotextile tubes. The attempts to promote the sustainable rehabilitation of a dune system and the implied problems related to its location on a particularly harsh Atlantic coast are discussed in the paper.

Resource Type:
Peer-reviewed Article

Journal of Coastal Research