Lessons Learnt from WWF’s Worldwide Field Initiatives Aiming at Restoring Forest Landscapes

Mansourian, S. and D. Vallauri

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WWF France commissioned this review with the specific intent to: 1) Extract lessons learnt to date, particularly in the last 5-6 year period, from WWF’s work on the restoration of forest landscapes, and 2) Inform future restoration work, both within the WWF Network and beyond. A desk review, interviews and questionnaires all contributed to the production of this report. The ten sites selected and highlighted in this report were chosen based on prior knowledge of the programme. Furthermore, six of these ten ecoregions are biodiversity hotspots as per the commonly agreed definition (rating levels of endemism and extent of threat). These sites by no means cover all of WWF’s efforts on the restoration of forests in landscapes.

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Technical Document

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