Long-term Experimental Restoration in a Calcareous Grassland: Identifying the Most Effective Restoration Strategies

Maccherini, S. and E. Santi

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Calcareous grasslands are among the most diverse habitats, supporting species-rich vegetation. Propagule limitation and availability of microsites for germination represent major constraints to the successful restoration of these grasslands. To date, little information is available on the effectiveness of seed addition and soil disturbance on the restoration success of encroached semi-natural calcareous grasslands. Here, we conducted a 1 year before – 9 year after control- impact (BACI) study aimed at testing the effect of the addition of seeds of native species and livestock grazing on calcareous grasslands. Each restoration measure and their combination differed in their impact on these communities and varied over time. Grazing had a significant, beneficial, impact on these communities, although the impact was species-specific.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Biological Conservation