Maintenance and Rehabilitation of the Mixed Conifer-Broadleaf Forests in Hokkaido, Northern Japan

Kyo, M., S. Masato and K. Takayoshi

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We reviewed several studies on the mixed forests concerned with physiological ecology and ecosystem management in relation to the process analysis of natural regeneration. Based on these results, we proposed methods for rehabilitation practices for the disturbed and degraded mixed forests where we cannot expect natural regeneration. In order to rehabilitate those mixed conifer broadleaf forests, a bulldozer with fitted rakes was used to eliminate culm and rhizome of dwarf bamboo (such as Sasa senanensis or S. klirensis). In order to make plantations, we would also use wildings of gap phase species regenerated after scarification. However, it is still unclear how many seedlings and what species would be best suited for rehabilitation. A new practical system for restoring disturbed and degraded mixed forests should be established.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Eurasian Journal for Forest Research