Manual of Methods: Human, Ecological and Biophysical Dimensions of Tropical Dry Forests

Nassar, J. M., J. P. Rodri_guez, A. Sa_nchez-Azofeifa, T. Garvin and M. Quesada (eds.)

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The main purpose of this guidebook is to provide all Tropi-Dry researchers and field assistants with detailed and complete methodological protocols for all the research aspects considered in the IAI-funded project “Human, ecological and biophysical dimensions of Tropical Dry Forests.” The multiple localities covered and the numerous research teams involved in this investigation demand the use of standardized protocols across sites and research teams. By standardizing all methodologies, we will be able to perform valid comparisons of results across localities and propose regional patterns for some of the phenomena studied. We expect this manual to also become a primary reference for dry forest research throughout the tropics, allowing us to replicate our field research well beyond the boundaries of Tropi-Dry’s current study sites.

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Technical Document

Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cienti_ficas