Manual on Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Coastal Forests damaged by Natural Hazards in the Asia-Pacific Region

Chan, H.T. and S. Baba

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The manual includes introductory chapters on coastal forests (mangrove forests, beach and dune forests, and forests of coral islands), natural hazards (tsunamis, tropical cyclones, coastal erosion and sea-level rise), and the protective roles of coastal forests. The main chapter provides an overview (concepts and rationale of rehabilitation, and rehabilitation efforts), and guidelines for rehabilitation of mangroves and other coastal forests. The guidelines include the rationale for rehabilitation; choice of species; site selection and preparation; propagation and planting; monitoring and tending; and case studies. The case studies provide useful lessons of success and failure of past and on-going projects in coastal forest rehabilitation.

Resource Type:
Technical Document

International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems, International Tropical Timber Organization