Modelling the interlinkages between food-energy-water and agricultural production in northern Ghana

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Martin Schultze

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The increasing complexity between individual land management, farming area scarcity, and water availability is of emergent concern in Sub-Saharan Africa. Agricultural production requires huge natural resources, which is why decision-makers have to consider the demand and supply of food, energy and water. Applying the three elements in an action concept allows to identification of synergetic benefits, exploring holistic relations and trade-offs in agro-ecosystems. Taking the Bolgatanga region in Ghana as a study site, we will present a systemic decision-making framework to investigate the interconnectivity between a social network analysis as an appropriate tool to highlight stakeholder complexities within the food-energy-water concept. The approach combines data analytics, participatory methods, and modelling aspects toward a better coordination between key stakeholders, land management, and ecosystem restoration. The study scope will show how understanding relationships between institutions and the private and public sector can be a prerequisite for harmonizing policy-making in restoring degraded land. We found that collaborative advances in social-ecological sciences provide an approach to analyse agronomic and biological techniques. Consequently, we will discuss land management strategies to protect the soil from erosion in order to strengthen agricultural production.

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Audio/Video, Conference Presentation, SER2019

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