Moving from Multitasking to Mission: Growing Old Gracefully in the Workplace

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Terry Doss

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Growing old gracefully in the workplace is becoming more difficult given the growth of the “gig” economy and changing cultural standards and principles. People with many years of experience often command higher salaries and more benefits, which conflicts with company directives to lower direct costs and increase productivity. And right about the time that our minds and bodies are slowing down, the speed of change in the world keeps getting faster, demands for overtime and weekend work are growing, and new technologies that require more training keep popping up. Retiring from the firm that one worked for over a career seems to be more and more of a myth these days. After watching older employees with higher salaries and higher resultant project rates get let go from mega-consulting firms, and watching employees of smaller firms work longer hours to try and compete, I set out to find a way to contend with my gently decelerating body and mind while still being able to utilize my many years of experience. I’ll share my journey to find a position where I could sharpen my focus on singular tasks rather than continuing to try to multi-task, where I could adopt a slower pace that allows me to be more engaged with others and with issues, and where I can celebrate my passion for restoring the earth. I no longer fear being pushed out due to my age and will share some insights I learned along the way.

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Conference Presentation, SER2021

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