National standards for the practice of ecological restoration in Australia

McDonald, T., J. Jonson J and K.W. Dixon

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This document identifies the need and purpose of ecological restoration and explains its relationships with other forms of environmental repair. The Standards identifies the principles underpinning restoration philosophies and methods, and outlines the steps required to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate a restoration project to increase the likelihood of its success. The Standards are relevant to – and can be interpreted for – a wide spectrum of projects ranging from minimally resourced community projects to large-scale, well funded industry or government projects.

Relevance for the Short Term Action Plan on Ecosystem Restoration:
This document contains an appendix on genetics, fragmentation and climate change, and implications for the restoration of indigenous ecosystems. This is in line with activity C2.

STAPER categories:
  • C2: Consider how restoration can support sustainability of agriculture/production

Resource Type:
Peer-reviewed Article

Restoration Ecology