Natural Environment: Adapting to Climate Change

Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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In March 2010 all Government Departments published a Departmental Adaptation Plan. Defra’s Climate Change Plan recognises that climate change is the most serious long term threat to the natural environment and human well-being, but at the same time our natural environment is our greatest asset: the basis on which we can build a future in a rapidly changing climate. Ecosystems provide the services that clean our air and water, and give us food, medicines, energy, and raw materials. They regenerate soils and pollinate crops, regulate the climate, cool cities; and help to control floods. Defra recognises the importance of enhancing the resilience of ecosystems, and of working effectively with natural processes to offer protection from climate change to homes, infrastructure, livelihoods, and human life.

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White Paper

Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs