Notes of Struggle: Legal and Ethical Strategies to Recognize Nature as a Living Being

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Patricia Gualinga

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Patricia Gualinga is an Historic Leader of the Sarayaku, a Kichwa speaking people of the Ecuadorian Amazon. She has been one of Sarayaku’s most clear and prominent voices at the UN, the Vatican, the Paris Climate Accord meetings and many other international fora. In this presentation Patricia will discuss the Sarayaku’s struggle to achieve the recognition of the Amazon as a Living Forest. From grassroots organizing in the Amazon, to lobbying of legislators and meetings in the Vatican, this presentation will discuss the range of strategies the Sarayaku people have deployed to bring about the awareness of the Amazon as a Living Forest and support the creation of legislation that recognizes the right of key ecosystems to exist insulated from human presence and interference. Patricia will discuss ways in which the Sarayaku have used modern communication technology to create international networks and educate and communicate with local and global publics, while staying connected to their ancestral knowledge, culture, and daily practices in the heart of the Amazon. The presentation will analyze the key lessons from successful and less successful efforts and reflect on possible new avenues for effective local to global collaboration and action. This talk will also provide fertile ground for out of the box brainstorming for effective international collaborations to make the Living Forest and the Rights of Nature integral to the strategies for restoring and preserving global ecosystems.

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Conference Presentation, SER2021

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