Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management: Learning landscapes, global observatory networks and open science collaboration

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Dorn Cox

Publication Date:

The public surge of interest in regenerative agriculture invites us to stretch the definition and boundaries of landscape and ecological management to bridge ecological, social and economic function, and new forms of public science. The global urgency to address and adapt to and mitigate climate change using natural climate solutions, such as soil based carbon capture, and to improve ecosystem services such as water quality and quantity, habitat and fire mitigation also highlights the scale and scope of effort that will be required to transform landscape function at scale. Agricultural transformation calls for ambitions, and innovative participatory approaches that will require new tools, technologies that bridge disciplines and support new forms of system science translated to adaptive management from the micro-biome to the biosphere. New tools open the possibility for everyone everywhere to leverage global knowledge and also serve as research site. The rapidly changing nature of technology, also poses development challenges to navigate and adapt global knowledge to local management. I will present an overview of the Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management community to illustrate a participatory approach that applies ecological principles to technology and research and development. OpenTEAM’s membership includes national and international agricultural networks and also provides support for technology interoperability to advance site specific data driven management decisions and creates a non-rival circulatory system of ideas, information and inspiration to help democratize the code for regenerative landscape management.

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Conference Presentation, SER2021

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