Oregon Invasive Species Council – A Comprehensive Review of the State Strategy


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Invasive species are nonnative organisms that can cause devastating economic and environmental harm. In Oregon, a diversity of organizations across the state are focusing efforts on preventing the establishment of new invasive species and taking actions to eradicate, control, and/or manage the invasive species that have already arrived. In order to conduct a comprehensive and coordinated effort to prevent, detect, control, and eliminate invasive species, the Oregon Legislature established the Oregon Invasive Species Council (OISC) in 2001. The OISC is comprised of members from state and public agencies, tribes, scientists, educators, and members of the public who lead Oregon’s fight against invasive species and protect Oregon’s natural resources and economy from the harm that invasive species cause. After a collaborative process of input and engagement of many colleagues across the state working to protect Oregon from invasive species, the Council adopted the Statewide Strategic Plan and Action Plan for Invasive Species in 2016, which lays out the long-term and short-term strategies for invasive species control in Oregon. Among the strategies, ecosystem recovery and resilience are prioritized as essential to long-term protection of Oregon’s resources and environments. This holistic approach is necessary for our state to be successful in its battle against invasive species.   Jalene Littlejohn is co-founder and director of Samara Group, an Oregon-based consulting firm that was created to enhance environmental projects. Jalene is the Lead Coordinator for the Oregon Invasive Species Council (OISC) and supports a number of other invasive species and conservation initiatives in the region. She has been involved with the SERNW Chapter since 2015 and continues to support the upcoming SER-SWS Joint Regional Conference.

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