Partnerships in peatland restoration projects

Igor Semenov

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Ecological restoration projects demand an integrative approach that includes the ecological and socio-economic aspects. Usually these projects involve nongovernmental, volunteer and governmental organisations, dealing with science or environment, and to a lesser extent – business. At the same time, the social and environmental policy is becoming a distinctive feature of leading industrial companies. The presentation aims to demonstrate the case studies within the project “Restoring peatlands in Russia” and several projects in the Russian Arctic when both local communities and business had been involved. The involvement of the local communities gives opportunity to meet the regional concerns. The involvement of the companies brings additional funding to restoration projects as well as gives a pathway for sustainable development of the area and creates a positive image of the entire company. The involvement of both actors demands clear incentives which should be communicated to the stakeholders. The presentation includes a description of the method for identification of specific stakeholder benefits gained from the ecosystem restoration. The identified benefits for a wide range of stakeholders are presented for three restoration pilots, including one where one of the beneficiaries was the key investor.

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Audio/Video, Conference Presentation, SER2019

Society for Ecological Restoration