Peatland Restoration Guide

Quinty, F. and L. Rochefort

Publication Date:

This guide was developed as a practical tool for peat producers. It presents, in an accessible way, the approach that is proposed for restoring milled peatlands. It is based on the research that has been done in Canada in the last 10 years by the PERG, on the application of the method in restoring over 160 hectares of the Sainte-Marguerite bog in Que_bec by Planirest Environment Inc. and on the experience of practitioners from Canadian peat producers who shared their knowledge at annual workshops. The approach especially addresses the Northeastern American context, which is characterized by acidic and nutrient-poor residual substrates to restore and treeless open natural peat bogs. The approach was applied successfully in a number of peatlands and was adapted to site-specific conditions.

Resource Type:
Technical Document

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association, New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy