Pichimahuida: website of a private restoration project in Chilean Patagonia

Sobakina, E., J. Whitelaw

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A dynamic website describing different aspects of a multifaceted private restoration project located in a severely degraded area of Patagonia, Chile. Specific aspects of the project: reforestation with native tree species for the purpose of ecosystem restoration, under Chilean national Law on Native Forest (NĀ° 20.283), more than 230 000 trees of local species planted, 310 hectares affected, average recent documented survival rate is 85 %, largest project in the area; degradation of the whole region is due to catastrophic clearing fires of the ancient forest of the last century, further overgrazing and soil erosion and disappearance; the project is set in an area where the socio-economic approach to such initiatives is challenging; funded by private means, with the reforestation partĀ being partly financed by State subsidies; the operational part, including energy and other supply, is ensured by personally developed and privately funded methods; remotely located and entirely off-grid.

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Web-based Resource