Placing marine ecosystem restoration in the context of international policy and global targets: Synergies and trade-offs

Hazel Thornton

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The recent UN General Assembly Resolution for the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration (73/284) is one of a number of resolutions from a variety of conventions and multilateral environmental agreements (e.g. the Convention of Biological Diversity) highlighting the potential for marine ecosystem restoration to bring about the transformative change required. Furthermore, marine ecosystem restoration has the potential to help deliver upon a number of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets. However, in order to move forward and maximise the political will and opportunities currently present, there is a need to clearly understand and articulate the contribution marine ecosystem restoration can make to the delivery of global goals and targets. In order to facilitate this, we explore the pathways, opportunities, synergies, and trade-offs between marine restoration and global aspirations and commitments. We will highlight the role of marine ecosystem restoration as an ‘accelerator’ – providing opportunities to simultaneously meet multiple global goals and targets in a cost effective and ecologically sound manner. The results of this study will provide high level guidance to support national and regional marine ecosystem restoration prioritisation.

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Audio/Video, Conference Presentation, SER2019

Society for Ecological Restoration