SER2019 Keynote: The UN Decade on Ecological Restoration: Rising to the Challenge

Cara Nelson, Musonda Mumba, Bob Scholes, Bernardo Strassburg, George Gann

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This plenary panel “The UN Decade on Ecological Restoration: Rising to the Challenge” is from the SER2019 World Conference. Speakers are Musonda Mumba (head of the UN Environment’s Terrestrial Ecosystems Team), Bob Scholes (a Professor of Systems Ecology at the University of the Witwatersrand), Bernardo Strassburg (founder and executive director of the International Institute for Sustainability and Assistant Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University), and George Gann (Chief Conservation Strategist and Chair of the Board of The Institute for Regional Conservation, and Policy Lead and Chair Emeritus of the Society for Ecological Restoration); Dr. Cara Nelson (University of Montana) is the panel moderator.

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Audio/Video, Conference Presentation, SER2019

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