Practitioner’s Guide to Shellfish-Based Living Shorelines for Salt March Erosion Control and Environmental Enhancement in the Mid-Atlantic

Whalen, L., D. Kreeger, D. Bushek, J. Moody and A. Padeletti

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The first objective of this report is to summarize climate adaptation tactics that are environmentally friendly approaches to help stabilize seaward edge erosion, thereby encouraging vertical accretion of tidal marshes. The second objective of this report is to provide a “how-to guide” for a new living shoreline approach developed jointly by PDE and Rutgers and which is tailored to salt marshes of the Delaware Estuary. This tactic is best suited for low energy areas and would need to be paired with more aggressive measures along high energy coastlines.

Resource Type:
Technical Document

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, Rutgers Haskin Shellfish Laboratory