Propagating Framework Tree Species to Restore Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest: Implications of Seasonal Seed Dispersal and Dormancy

Blakesley, D., S. Elliott, C. Kuarak, P. Navakitbumrung, S. Zangkum and V. Anusarnsunthorn

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One effective approach to forest restoration in degraded tropical forestland is the so-called ‘framework species method’ which involves planting 20–30 indigenous forest tree species to re- establish a basic forest structure that catalyses the recovery of biodiversity. For the seasonally dry tropical forests of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park in northern Thailand, a provisional list of 36 potential framework species was compiled, from 19 different families representing a broad spectrum of the tree flora. This paper examines the seed germination characteristics of these species when grown as a nursery ‘crop’ for planting to restore degraded sites, focussing on germination phenology and dormancy.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Forest Ecology and Management