Proposed Fluvial Island Classification Scheme and its Use for River Restoration

Wyrick, J.R. and P.C. Klingeman

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Fluvial islands are present in nearly all natural and regulated rivers. They are important from hydrological, biological, geopolitical and socio-economic points of view. As ubiquitous as islands are, consideration of islands is relatively absent in most river restoration concepts. The natural river processes that allow for island formation can easily be integrated into typical river classifications. To begin, an island classification scheme is proposed that can become a tool for improved river classifications and restoration projects. In developing an island classification scheme, the objectives are similar to those of previous river classification methods. By observing island characteristics, inductive generalizations may be made about the river’s hydrologic and ecologic potential. In river hierarchies, the distinguishing variables used to describe streams were characteristics that could easily be discerned from their appearances, i.e. field-determinable features. A similar approach is sought for island classification.

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Peer-reviewed Article

River Research and Applications