Rainforest Restoration Activities in Australia’s Tropics and Subtropics

Catterall, C. P. and D.A. Harrison

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This report describes the nature of efforts to restore rainforest cover to the eastern tropics and subtropics, where the largest rainforest areas were found. Since around 1990, a complex array of government-sponsored schemes has provided financial subsidies to encourage and assist restoration. A striking feature has been the high level of community involvement. Most projects targeted the banks of creeks and rivers, and were less than five hectares in area. Total areas reforested regionwide were modest (less than 1% of the area of past clearing). The unit cost of vegetation reinstatement was around AU$20,000 / ha, but costs of projects below 2.0 ha in area often greatly exceeded this. The value of such small-scale projects may be in community engagement, whereas good ecological outcomes are more likely with larger-scale projects.

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Technical Document

Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Management research