Recovery of South African Fynbos Vegetation following Alien Woody Plant Clearing and Fire: Implications for Restoration

Holmes, P.M., D.M. Richardson, B.W. Van Wilgen and C. Gelderblom

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The recovery of fynbos vegetation after invasion by dense stands of alien trees, and clearing by either ‘burn standing’, ‘fell and burn’, or ‘fell, remove and burn’ treatments, was investigated in two watersheds in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. Native plant density, cover, functional and biological guilds and species richness were compared with matched control sites that were not invaded, but were burnt in the same fires. Our results illustrate the dangers of this, and highlight the need for intervention before areas become densely invaded. They also highlight the need for effective biological control agents to reduce rates of spread of aggressively invasive species.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Austral Ecology