Reestablishing a Keystone Species in an Arid Coastal Environment: Saltbush (Salsola nollothensis) in Namibia

Burke, A., R. Newton, D. Boyce, H. Kolberg and I. Brunner

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Beach hummocks are important ecological components of coastal ecosystems. Although hummocks are naturally adapted to harsh conditions, reestablishing them in arid areas poses great challenges. During a collaborative project, researchers from Namdeb Diamond Corporation and the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership investigated practical methods to reestablish saltbush (Salsola nollothensis) beach hummocks to restore areas disturbed by alluvial diamond mining. With focus on simple methods that can be implemented over large areas, collecting seed-containing debris, placing windbreaks, and seeding these with debris are some of the means currently investigated.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Restoration