Rehabilitation of the Mau Forest Ecosystem

Government of Kenya

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This Project Concept identifies key priority interventions to be undertaken by GoK in line with the Task Force recommendations to restore the Mau forest ecosystem and provide a sustainable basis for future conservation and management of this vital resource. The sustainability of the ecosystem will be secured by moving the Mau Forests Complex from a single-asset system, where timber extraction, charcoal and human settlements are seen as the only real value of the forest, to a multiple -asset approach, which recognizes the wide variety of values of the ecosystem and diversifies revenue streams by capitalizing on most, if not all, of the ecosystem values, thereby maximizing both conservation and economic returns on the investment. This diversified approach will result in additional non -monetary benefits such as: water sources, biodiversity protection, improved relations among local communities and with other stakeholders, land appreciation, risk reduction and positive public relations. This approach will assist in setting and promoting new standards and models for the sustainable management of other critical forest ecosystems.

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White Paper

Government of Kenya