Renewing Our Rivers: Stream Corridor Restoration in Dryland Regions

M.K. Briggs and W.R. Osterkamp

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Based on lessons learned gained from 33 stream restoration case studies from Australia, Mexico, and U.S., Renewing Our Rivers provides practitioners start to finish guidance on planning and implementing stream corridor restoration. Chapters focus on such topics as developing restoration goals and objectives, evaluating watershed conditions, protecting streamflow (environmental flow), adapting stream restoration to climate change, implementing restoration tactics, and monitoring and evaluating restoration results.

Relevance for the Short Term Action Plan on Ecosystem Restoration:
High relevance

STAPER categories:
  • A1: Assess degraded ecosystems
  • A2: Identify/prioritize locations for meeting national contributions to Aichi Targets
  • A3: Involve all relevant stakeholders
  • A6: Identify options to reduce the drivers biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation
  • B1: Review, improve or establish legal, policy and financial frameworks for restoration
  • B4: Review, improve or establish terrestrial and marine spatial planning processes
  • B6: Review, improve or establish targets, policies and strategies for ecosystem restoration
  • B7: Develop accounting processes
  • B8: Promote economic and financial incentives
  • B9: Develop plans for resource mobilization
  • B10: Promote and support capacity-building, training, and technology transfer
  • C1: Identify appropriate measures for conducting ecosystem restoration
  • C2: Consider how restoration can support sustainability of agriculture/production
  • C3: Develop ecosystem restoration plans with clear/measurable objectives and goals  
  • C4: Develop explicit implementation tasks, schedules, and budgets
  • C5: Implement the measures
  • D1: Assess the efficacy and effects of implementing the ecosystem restoration plan
  • D2: Adjust plans, expectations, procedures, and monitoring through adaptive management
  • D3: Share lessons learned from planning, financing, implementing and monitoring ecosystem restoration plans

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Renewing Our Rivers