Research on Slope Wetland Restoration Technology

Cui, L.i., W. Li, X.S. Zhao, M.Y. Zhang, Y.F. Wang, Y. Zhang and S.N. Li

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Both slope restoration technologies, stakes-end protection and rock slope protection, were applied to the wetland slope restoration in Xi Zhuo Jia Ying, Yanqing County, Beijing. Two kinds of stakes-end protection forms were utilized during the slope restoration processes. The single row stake protection with a total length of 95.4 m was mainly vegetated by Shrubs including willow, amorpha and mulberry, while the double stakes with a horizontal distance of one meter between two stakes were mainly vegetated by amorpha fruticosa and bidens. There were three pilot demonstration sites with a total length of 40.2 m were applied. The second demonstration site was divided into two separated components. Average sizes of stones for the three slope sites were respectively designed as 40 cm _ 25 cm _ 30 cm, 45 cm _ 20 cm _ 25 cm and 55 cm _ 35 cm _ 35 cm, 50 cm _ 35 cm _ 40 cm. Matrix for the first two slopes was mainly dominated by amorpha, bidens and cattail with the third slope open to rocks.

Resource Type:
Peer-reviewed Article

World Forestry Research