Restoration of Abandoned Agricultural Lands toward Habitats for Umbrella Species

Nekhay, O. and M. Arriaza

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This study analyzes the suitability of agricultural lands with risk of abandonment for restoration to suitable habitats for animal species of conservation interest. As a case study, the main focus was on olive plantations (Olea europaea L.) of mountainous areas of Southern Spain and the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus Temminck, 1827). The method weighs the judgement of experts on the effect of landscape elements on the habitat via an analytic hierarchy process and spots areas most suitable for restoration through geographical information systems. The results suggest that the edge of major agricultural areas and areas with natural vegetation adjacent to the Natural Park of Sierra de Carden_a and Montoro would be most suitable for restoration of the lynx habitat. The precise location of olive groves suitable for restoration are discussed, as revealed by experts’ decision-making processes. The main interest of the study relies on the potential of the method to combine territorial analysis with biological requirements of endangered species to facilitate their dispersal.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research