Restoration of tropical dry forests in Hawaii: Can scientific research, habitat restoration and educational outreach happily coexist within a small private preserve?

Cabin, R.J., S. Cordell, D.R. Sandquist, J. Thaxton, and C. Litton

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Tropical dry forests were once the most common of all tropical forest types, but today they are among the most endangered and degraded of all ecosystems in the world. Aggressive alien species have already invaded most of what remains of Hawaii’s once diverse and extensive dry forests, and the continuing spread of fire-promoting exotic grasses may ultimately convert these ecosystems into permanent, low-diversity grasslands. This paper focuses on the practical and philosophical issues involved with conducting research within a globally endangered ecosystem in close collaboration with a diverse coalition of agencies, stakeholders, and concerned citizens.

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Conference Proceedings

16th International Conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration Proceedings