Restore-Adapt-Mitigate: Responding to Climate Change through Coastal Habitat Restoration

Needelman, B.A., S. Crooks, C.A. Shumway, J.G. Titus, R.Takacs and J.E. Hawkes

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The purpose of this report is to educate habitat restoration professionals, policy makers, and the public on the impacts climate change will have on coastal habitats and the possible role habitat restoration could play in mitigating those impacts. This is the first report that clearly demonstrates the opportunity to link the interconnectedness between coastal habitat restoration and adaptation and mitigation strategies related to reducing climate change impacts. They are not exclusive of each other, and if designed and managed correctly, can share mutual benefits. Much of this report is focused on policies and programs based in the United States, but many of the concepts, ideas and recommendations translate easily to other locales.

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Technical Document

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