Restoring Peatlands in Alberta: A Case Study of Evansburg North

Graf, M., M. Strack, D. Critchley and L. Rochefort

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In western Canada peatlands are being disturbed by the energy, forestry and peat industrial sectors. However, no comprehensive studies have been undertaken to develop restoration techniques for western peatlands. Although extensive work has been carried out in eastern Canada, it is unknown if these techniques will be applicable in the sub -humid climate of western Canada. This project will be one of the first monitored peatland restorations in western Canada. The aim of this report is to establish baseline information on the Evansburg North peatland to provide a reference before a large -scale restoration is carried out. The vegetation, hydrology as well as carbon and methane dynamics were studied. Additionally, a field-scale experiment was carried out to test various reintroduction techniques.

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Technical Document

Peatland Ecology Research Group