Restoring Prairie Pothole Wetlands: Does the Species Pool Concept Offer Decision-Making Guidance for Re-Vegetation?

Galatowitsch, S.M.

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Do regional species pools, landscape isolation or on-site constraints cause plants from different guilds to vary in their ability to colonize restored wetlands? Abiotic constraints seem to limit the colonization of floating/submersed aquatics into natural or restored wetlands, whereas all other guilds are potentially constrained by dispersal or biotic factors (i.e. competition from invasive species). Using species pools to evaluate restoration progress revealed that immigration potential varies considerably among guilds, that local species richness does not necessarily correspond to immigration limitations, and that some guilds (e.g. sedge-meadow perennials) will likely benefit more than others from being planted at restoration sites.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Applied Vegetation Science