Restoring the Grasslands of Northern California’s Coastal Dunes

Pickart, A.J.

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Although few people associate California grasslands with coastal dunes, there exists a globally endangered vegetation type known as “foredune grassland” (Fig. 1) that occurs only on dunes of the Pacific Coast of North America. The characteristic species of this community is the native dune grass Leymus mollis (Fig. 2), but beach bluegrass (Poa macrantha and P. douglasii) can be common to dominant, and associated species include a number of forbs, such as Abronia latifolia, Lathyrus littoralis, Erigeron glaucus, Eriogonum latifolium, and Calystegia soldanella (Pickart and Barbour 2007). This document summarizes restoration efforts in the Lanphere Dunes in Northern California.

Resource Type:
White Paper

California Native Grasslands Association