Returning the Tide: Tidal Hydrology Restoration Guidance Manual for the Southeastern US

NOAA Restoration Center & NOAA Coastal Services Center

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The goal of this manual is to increase and improve habitat restoration in estuarine environments impacted by the creation of barriers to tidal hydrology. It offers guidance to restoration practitioners and coastal resource managers who may not have familiarity with tidal hydrology restoration techniques. Specifically, this manual will help users: 1) Identify restoration projects and partners; 2) Develop appropriate objectives and quality project design; 3) Define and implement construction and maintenance strategies; 4) Navigate and optimize the permitting process; 5) Determine the meaning of “hydrology restoration success”; and 6) Build community support for projects and address typical community concerns. The Toolkit section is a resource for restoration project planning and implementation. It is designed to be easy-to-use by providing checklists, agency contact information, example project documents, and bulleted to-do lists for every stage of project implementation. The Project Portfolios provide details on 13 real-world projects including background, results, and lessons learned.

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Technical Document

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration