Riparian Tree and Shrub Propagation Handbook: An Aid to Riverine Restoration in the Mediterranean Region

Aranzazu Prada, M. and D. Arizpe (eds.)

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This guide has been conceived as a support tool for nursery managers, and for others who are not specialists but are in one way or another involved in the production of riparian plant species for hydrological restoration projects. It offers useful data on the production of seeds, parts of plants and plants belonging to a large series of tree, shrub and lianoid species that may be employed in fluvial systems of the Mediterranean region. It provides information on species that are dominant in the riparian vegetation of the region, on species whose propagation may be of interest due to their potential interaction with some species of fauna and on species that are traditionally used for hydrological restoration purposes. Although some of the included taxons are not strictly riparian, but originate in the Mediterranean shrub and forest communities, they can develop optimally in these environments, especially in extremely dry areas.

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Technical Document