Riparian Vegetation Metrics as Tools for Guiding Ecological Restoration in Riverscapes

Aguiar, F.C., M.R. Fernandes and M.T. Ferreira

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The present work proposes a stepwise methodological procedure over spatial scales, using quantitative descriptors (metrics) of the ecological condition of the riparian vegetation. This evaluation is based on the composition and cover of plant assemblages, species attributes, and spatial patterns, which can reflect the deviation of the structure and condition of the riparian zone from the near-natural state to an impaired situation. Landscape metrics obtained from high spatial resolution imagery are used for the evaluation of the spatial features of the riparian zone, followed by the calculation of a riparian multimetric index, based on field observations. The integration of multi-spatial scale information provided by landscape metrics and biological metrics is essential and recommended for decision support of end-users and to evaluate the success of restoration measures.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Knowledge & Management of Aquatic Ecosystems