Scaling up forest landscape restoration in Canada in an era of cumulative effects and climate change

Nicolas Mansuy, Philip J. Burton, John Stanturf, Craig Beatty, Christa Mooney, Peter Besseau, Dani Degenhardt, Katalijn MacAfee, Renée Lapointe

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While the global restoration movement is rapidly gaining momentum, understanding the concept and benefits of forest and landscape restoration (FLR) is paramount to safeguarding the natural capital of Canada’s forests. In the face of increasing cumulative effects, we investigated the opportunities for scaling up FLR efforts in Canadian forests. The pace of industrial natural resource extraction developments (logging, agriculture, mining, and energy sector), and their overlapping in time and space with the impacts of climate change have resulted in ecosystem function and services alteration, as well as changes in natural disturbance regimes (e.g., wildland fire and pests). These dramatic and synergistic changes to environmental, socio-economic and cultural values occurring in the landscape need to be considered in land use planning but are highly variable and uncertain. We suggested that adding FLR to the land …

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Peer-reviewed Article

Forest Policy and Economics