Seedling Survival and Growth of Native Tree species in Pastures: Implications for Dry Tropical Forest Rehabilitation in Central Panama

Griscom, H.P., P.M.S. Ashton and G.P. Berlyn

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Our study tested the effects of herbicide application and cattle removal on the survival and growth of three native tree species planted in pastures within a deforested, dry tropical region of Panama. We investigated whether enrichment planting may be a potential, complementing reforestation tool with natural regeneration. Three economically valuable tree species were chosen for the study; Cedrela odorata L., Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Jacq.) Griseb, and Copaifera aromatica Dwyer. Planted seedlings were monitored for survival, root collar diameter and height growth in the presence or absence of two factors; (1) initial herbicide application and (2) cattle.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Forest Ecology and Management