Successful Transplantation of a Fragmenting Coral, Montipora digitata, for Reef Rehabilitation

Gomez, E.D., H.T. Yap, P.C. Cabaitan and R.M. Dizon

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The scleractinian coral Montipora digitata (Acroporidae) is a common reef flat species that thrives under high levels of light and water turbulence, and propagates successfully by natural fragmentation. It was used for transplantation experiments in an attempt to restore a degraded lagoon environment in the northwestern Philippines. Branches about 5 cm high from a natural population in the lagoon were transplanted to dead coral outcrops or knolls in two locations (Binlab and Malilnep-Ac) with different environmental characteristics. These results demonstrate the potential of coral transplantation to initiate the establishment of natural communities in degraded reef areas, a concern for coastal managers in developing countries.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Coastal Management