Techniques for Restoring Native Plant Communities in Upland and Wetland Prairies in the Midwest and West Coast Regions of North America

Fitzpatrick, G.S.

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After reviewing the scientific literature on prairie restoration in the Midwest and the West Coast regions of the United States, I suggest various restoration techniques for addressing the five objectives, including: cultivation, herbicides, flaming/infrared burning, solarization, carbon addition/nutrient immobilization, mycorrhizal inoculation and implementing various seeding methods and seed mixes. One of the essential lessons learned by restoration ecologists and practitioners trying to restore native prairie, is that there is not one technique or combination of techniques that work for all restoration sites. Restoration techniques will need to be site specific and may depend on many things including past disturbance events, assemblage of plants, including non-natives and natives, and site conditions such as soils, topography, hydrology, and climate.

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White Paper

The Nature Conservancy