The Bowral Checklist: A Framework for Ecological Management of Landscapes

Salt, D. and D. Lindenmayer

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A group of leading landscape ecologists and conservation biologists came together in Bowral in 2006 to discuss whether it was possible to create such a checklist. They identified 12 important issues that need to be considered in developing approaches to landscape conservation, a set referred to as the Bowral Checklist. Issues appearing in the framework include recognising the importance of landscape mosaics (including the integration of terrestrial and aquatic areas), recognising interactions between vegetation cover and vegetation configuration, using an appropriate landscape conceptual model, maintaining the capacity to recover from disturbance, and managing landscapes in an adaptive framework. These considerations are influenced by landscape context and management goals and do not, therefore, translate directly into on-the- ground management guidelines. Rather, they should be used as a framework by researchers and resource managers when developing guidelines for specific cases.

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Land & Water Australia